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Essential Oil Recipe of the Week - An Easy Cleaning Spray

I love using natural products for cleaning instead of getting (expensive) chemical products from the supermarket. Of course, the cleaning sprays you can buy at your local health store are great and are a wonderful alternative to the standard, chemical ones, but they're usually so expensive! That's why I'd love to show you a quick and easy blend that makes a great (affordable) cleaning spray. 

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Essential Oil Recipe of the Week - Postpartum Spray

Today I'm sharing an Essential Oils recipe for the pregnant ladies with you. It's the postpartum spray I made this week while I was preparing myself for the days (and weeks) after labor. It has two of my favorite oils in it: Lavender and Frankincense, and I think it will be very helpful after giving birth.

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Essential Oil Recipe of the Week

This week's recipe is something different, as I like to focus on our home today. We recently found mold on our window frames and instead of heading to the store to get a toxic mold remover, I decided to start with essential oils. My research led me to two amazing oils: melaleuca (tea tree) and clove oil. In this article, I'll explain what they do and have I removed the mold.

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