Essential Oil Recipe of the Week

With so many essential oils to choose from, it can be hard to find a combo that works well and smells great when you put it in the diffuser. Today I'm highlighting three of my favorite oils: Sandalwood, Wild Orange and Lavender. Hallelujah! 


Sandalwood is my go-to oil for grounding and meditation, so I usually diffuse the oil. It's a beautiful mood enhancer, but it's great for your skin, too. You can blend it with coconut oil and put on the skin of your face, for example, or use it in a facial steam bath. Your hair will love it too, and even garden plants love it! Finally, I also keep my mala necklaces beautiful by rubbing the mala beads with the oil.

Wild Orange

Wild Orange is my favorite summer oil. It's so uplifting and I always use it when my mood needs a little booster. I also love using it in my cleaning products.


Lavender is one of those oils that I always carry with me. It's the ultimate relaxing oil, it smells great (I use it instead of perfume) and I use it on my skin, blended with coconut oil, when my skin is itchy or a little sunburned. You can also put a few in a warm bath or on your pillow, for example, for a great night sleep.


About this diffuser blend

Although I love the scent of Sandalwood so much and it always brings me back to India, the smell can be quite strong. That's why I like to combine it with lighter, more floral essential oils, such as Lavender. By adding a couple of drops of Wild Orange, you'll get a very uplifting blend that's very grounding at the same time.


Diffuser recipe

Add 2 drops of Sandalwood, 2 drops of Wild Orange and 3 drops of Lavender to your diffuser, add water and diffuse away!


Do you want to learn more about essential oils or do you want to make your own magical diffuser blend? Head over to my special essential oils page for more information.

essential oils recipe - sandalwood, wild orange, lavender