Essential Oil Recipe of the Week

This week's recipe is something different, as I'd like to focus on our homes today. We recently found mold on our window frames and instead of heading to the store to get a toxic mold remover, I decided to start with essential oils. My research led me to two amazing oils: melaleuca (tea tree) and clove oil. In this article, I'll explain what they do and how I removed the mold.

Melaleuca (Tea Tree)

Best known for its purifying qualities, Melaleuca is a great oil for our homes and bodies. You can use it to purify the air, cleansing the skin and supporting and promoting healthy immune function. I've used it for nail fungus, for example, but I also love adding it to my kitchen cleaning spray. It's quite a strong oil, so it's best to use it diluted when using it on the skin.


You can use this oil as a cooking spice, but it has so many other amazing qualities. It's a popular oil for cleansing the mouth and teeth, and therefore often used in toothpaste and gum. You can also add it to your favorite massage oil (or make your own!) as it has amazing energizing and stimulating qualities. 



For this recipe, you don't have to mix the two oils for the first two steps, but instead, you use them separately. First, add a few drops of Melaleuca oil to a small spray bottle with water. You'll want this blend to be quite strong, so don't add too much water. Spray this on and around the area with mold and let it sit for an hour. After that, wipe the surface clean.

For step 2 you'll need the clove oil. Add a few drops to a small spray bottle with water (again, this should be a strong blend) and spray it onto the surface. Let it sit and don't remove it.

For the final step, you're gonna combine the two oils (3 drops of each) in your diffuser with a bit of water, and diffuse, with the door closed, for as long as you want (I did for 2 hours). The smell is quite strong (and not my favorite) so I wouldn't stay in the room. After that, air the room and you're all good.