Essential Oil Recipe of the Week - Postpartum Spray

Today I'm sharing an Essential Oils recipe for the pregnant ladies with you. It's the postpartum spray I made this week while I was preparing for the days (and weeks) after labor. It has two of my favorite oils in it: Lavender and Frankincense, and I think it will be very helpful after giving birth.



Lavender is one of those oils that I always carry with me. It's the ultimate relaxing oil, it smells great (I use it instead of perfume) and I use it on my skin, blended with coconut oil, when my skin is itchy or a little sunburned. You can also put a few in a warm bath or on your pillow, for example, for a great night sleep.



I think Frankincense is my all-time favorite oil. I always take it with me, wherever I go, and I use it on a daily basis. It's the oil that helped me greatly with anxiety and it's still my favorite soothing oil. I totally agree with its nickname, "the king of the oils". Not just because it's so good for our mood, for creating peace and calm and for that amazing scent it has, but also because it's great for our skin. 


Postpartum Spray Recipe

Add 5 drops of Lavender*, 5 drops of Frankincense* to a spray bottle, followed by 6 tbsp witch hazel** and 4 tbsp (filtered) water. Shake well before use and spray lightly on the perineum.

* I only use dōTERRA essential oils. Get in touch with me here if you want to know more.
** I order witch hazel from iHerb. You'll find the brand I use here.

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