Essential oils I'm currently loving

"What oils are you currently loving?", asked someone on my Insta stories. Instead of just replying to her, I thought I'd share my favorites with you all today. Here we go!

It's a hot-hot-hot summer here in Norway, I'm usually covered in sweat (and a bit of breastmilk, baby drool and food leftovers here and there), and I need oils to keep me both sane and feeling fresh. This summer, I've been using oils in three different ways: topically (on my skin), internally and aromatically (in the diffuser). Here are the ones I'm currently loving.


My dear oil-loving friend and inspiration Saar and I were joking that we should write a love song about this oil. It's quite a new oil to the doTERRA brand of oils, I received my first bottle only last week and I'm already obsessed. As I'm always looking for natural ways to ease anxiety, this oil was high on my wishlist. I've put drops of it under my feet, behind my ears, and on my wrists and you know what? It helps me so well. The scent is beautiful and grounding, helping me to stay present when I feel anxious or when I panic. I also use the oil on my skin, in my evening serum that I put on before I go to bed. 


Oh my beloved grapefruit... This citrus oil is SO good in summer. I love adding it to my glass of sparkling water to give the ice cold water some extra flavor. It's a lovely oil for in the diffuser, too. I love combining it with Ylang Ylang (see below), or just grapefruit to help lift my mood when I feel a little down. 

Restful Blend

The brand of essential oils that I use (doTERRA), has a beautiful oil blend called Serenity® (or the restful blend). It's a combination of different oils (Lavender, Cedarwood, Ho Wood Leaf, Ylang Ylang, Marjoram, Roman Chamomile, Vetiver, Vanilla Bean, Hawaiian Sandalwood) that work magic for a good night's sleep. I use it on my skin (usually on the bottoms of my feet) before going to bed, or I put a drop in the palms of my hands so I can inhale the beautiful scent if I feel stressed. 

Ylang Ylang

When I first ordered Ylang Ylang, I was expecting to fall madly in love with this oil. It's not a cheap oil, so I had high expectations. But... I didn't like the oil. I didn't like the scent. It was too strong for me, so I put the oil away. Fast forward, two years later. Ylang Ylang is in my diffuser, all the time! It's one of those oils that brings so much positivity into my home and I love combining it the flowery scent with the lightness of Wild Orange and a more grounding oil like Cedarwood. It's a great oil to use topically too, thanks to its positive effects on hair and skin.

Essential oil blend Ylang Ylang Wild Orange Cedarwood.JPG


A note on Peppermint...

Peppermint is one of my favorite summer essential oils, but I'm currently not using this oil. Why, you wonder? Because I'm still breastfeeding my son. It's not recommended to use peppermint oil when you are nursing (unless you have oversupply), as it might decrease your supply. Some people actually use the oil if they are ready to wean their baby. I don't know how long our nursing adventure will continue, but I'm still very happy with it, and so is my son. Until then, I won't be using Peppermint oil.


I hope you enjoyed learning more about my favorite essential oils. If there are any specific topics or oils you'd like me to cover, shoot me a message. Other questions about essential oils? Ask me!