It’s Saturday night, 8 PM. The baby is asleep, the husband is away, and I’m here, at home. Our new home. Soft music on, chocolate in my mouth, fingers on the letters of my laptop. Finally, I feel the space to write again.

Before we left on our trip, we packed up our stuff and said goodbye to our previous home. It was our third home in Oslo, but, more importantly, the place where we brought our baby home. Although I was so excited about our upcoming adventures, leaving that home was harder than I expected. Once we were on the road, however, there were new temporary homes that made me forget that physical place in Oslo that once was our home. I let go.

When traveling is not easy

I know I feel at home easily. All our travels and moving country helped me to become super adaptable, but somehow this trip was harder. We lost our sleep again when the baby stopped sleeping through the night. (read more about our sleep coaching adventures here). We decided to let him be with us again, and drink my milk, because I know traveling can be hard on a little child. I also lost my routines. It was hard to fit my personal practice in. It was hard to write for fun or journal for inspiration, because I had so many freelance projects to finish. And it was hard to find a good yoga class on the road. I missed my routines from home and that is hard to admit for someone who thinks she is such a traveler.

There were so many blissful moments though. Spending so much time with the three of us was so so so precious. The baby took his first steps without support. He started talking so much (SO much). We cooked so much good food, saw the highest waves, spent so much time talking about the now, the past and the future, and got enough sunshine to help us through the upcoming winter.


And then, there was home. A set of keys. A brand new apartment. Our own things, new and second-hand things, boxes to open and unpack. A new bed, a bedroom for the baby, an office and yoga room for us. And I love it so much. So much. Everytime I open our door, I get so excited. I love doing laundry, I love cleaning this place, I love cooking in our new kitchen. This is our home, for as long as we want. We will travel, always, but now we also have a home. A real home.

I haven’t had much time to sit down and write, between unpacking, starting nursery for the baby, and working on two (!) super exciting business adventures. This evening though, is mine. I am home.