Introducing Flow + Restore Yoga at Sanga Yoga

I’ve been wanting to start a course that combines flow yoga with restorative yoga, and now it’s finally here: Flow + Restore Yoga for mothers AND fathers, in Oslo. We at Sanga Yoga have a couple of open spots for this beautiful, sacred course. Come and join us!

In this special class for mamas AND papas/partners, we focus on balancing our parent bodies and minds. Every week, we practice different yoga flows, combined with active relaxation techniques through yoga postures, breathing techniques and simple meditations.

The first part of the class is all about moving our bodies in a gentle and accessible way. During the second part of the class, we slow down and practice calming & relaxing poses. The final part of the class is dedicated to yoga nidra (or "yogic sleep"), which is our favorite relaxation technique.

These classes help you relax after a long day of parenting or working. They’re great for those of you who don’t get enough sleep at night, for parents that need a little treat for themselves, and for people who have stiffness in the body due to carrying babies, sitting all day or (breast)feeding.

This course is for ALL parents. No matter if you just had a baby or if your kids are in school: we believe that all parents deserve a break on the yoga mat. That’s also why this course is for both mamas and papas/partners, and you can share the course with your partner. You decide together with your partner who will come to class that week.

These classes are open to all, and you don’t need any previous yoga experience.

♡ Start date: Wednesday the 8th of May
♡ End date: 19th of June
♡ Number of classes: 7
♡ Time: 19:00 - 20:15
♡ Course fee: 1400 kr for 7 classes

Send an email to to sign up.