Join me for "An evening of Flow + Restorative Yoga for women"

Join us for an extra long, extra delicious yoga class for women! In this evening of Flow + Restorative Yoga, we meet on the yoga mat to move AND rest our body and mind.

The first part of the class is all about moving our bodies in a gentle and accessible way, through flow yoga. During the second part of the class, we slow down and practice calming & relaxing poses. The final part of the class is dedicated to yoga nidra (or "yogic sleep"), which is by far our favorite relaxation technique.

This class is for ALL women and you don’t need any previous yoga experience.

♡ Date: Wednesday the 5th of June
♡ Time: 19:00 - 21:00
♡ Class fee: 350 kr

If you bring a friend to this class or if you are a Sanga Yoga member, you get a 10% discount. ♥ See you on the mat!

Send an email to to sign up.