Must-have Essential Oils for this Summer

Hello June, hello summer! We just had the first sunny summer days here in Norway and I can’t wait for all that’s to come. The windows are open, I’m wearing light clothes and I have a super fresh essential oil in my diffuser. Are you ready for summer? These essential oils are must-haves for this summer!


This is a blend of lemon, lime, fir needle, citronella, tea tree (melaleuca) and cilantro oil, and has an amazing, fresh smell. I use it in my diffuser to clean the air in a safe way and I always put a drop in the bag of the vacuum cleaner for a fresh scent. It’s so uplifting too and really gives me that summer feeling.


Peppermint is a-ma-zing for hot days. I usually dilute it with coconut oil and apply it to my neck or the soles of my feet for instant cooling (especially now I’m pregnant) or add a drop of the oil to a liter of (sparkling) water for a yummy summer drink.


Lemon is another beautiful refresher. I add it to my water or massage my feet with it after a long day to avoid swelling. Don’t use the oil on your skin if you’re exposed to sunlight (as it can give photosensitive reactions) and wait for about 12 hours after using the oil before you go out in the sun again. That’s why I usually use this oil in the evening.


Oh sandalwood… This oil always reminds me of India and I love using it after a day in the sun. The oil is so popular because of the soothing effect for the skin and it works great as an after sun oil. It’s amazing for a foot bath too. The oil is pretty expensive, so I always dilute it with coconut oil before I put it on my skin.


Another essential oil that great for the skin, is geranium. You can use it as after sun oil or dry skin, for example, but it also helps with water retention.

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