My Pregnancy Essentials

My baby is 5 weeks now and it feels like my pregnancy was in a different life. Everything is different now and I feel so much better, especially because my hyperemesis is gone. I'm happy I did a lot of journaling while I was pregnant, so it's easy for me to go back to that special time and share with you my pregnancy essentials.

In this article, I talk about general pregnancy essentials that helped me feel better. If you're looking for tips on how to survive hyperemesis, please head over to this article. Here are my favorites.

The pilates ball

I LOVED the ball, especially in the third trimester. I used it for gentle exercise and I meditated on it, but I loved bouncing on it even more. On the weeks leading up to labor and during labor, I sat and bounced on it and it definitely made me feel better. We still use the ball today, when baby Sven is crying. He loved it, so we'll definitely keep the ball.

Comfy clothes

My body started changing early in my pregnancy and I felt very uncomfortable in my old clothes. That is why I changed into comfy maternity clothes and it made me feel so much better. There are lots of beautiful options available today, so you don't have to look like you're wearing pajamas.


I used a special pregnancy pillow in bed and that made sleeping so much better. I also used a couple of big pillows to make it even more comfortable. Sleep is magic and it's so important to make your bed as comfortable as possible.

Good shoes

No matter how much weight you gain during pregnancy, you will most likely be heavier than before you got pregnant. Your legs and feet are carrying that extra weight, so good shoes are a must. In my third trimester, my knees started hurting because I was wearing flipflops all the time (it was the middle of summer), so my doctor recommended me wearing shoes again. My running shoes became my favorite and I wore them every single day.

Belly support belt

My round ligament pain got a lot better when I started using a belly support belt. Not very sexy, but so damn good.


I didn't only love my maternity clothes, I also needed different underwear, and you will probably too. 

Friends and family

Being pregnant is beautiful, but hard, so I definitely needed the support from my network of friends and my family. Don't be afraid to ask for help. They will love it and you will need it.


Take all the naps. Do it now, before the baby comes, because it's easier with a belly than with a baby.


There will be a lot less time for me-time once your baby is here, so make the most of it while you can. When I was pregnant, I loved reading books, taking long showers, going to a cafe on my own and sleeping in. What's your favorite kind of self-care

Yoga and meditation

My yoga and meditation were so different when I was pregnant, but they were both so important. I practiced prenatal yoga in my favorite studio here in Oslo and at home with Yogaglo. I meditated with my own mala, as well as with the Headspace app. Their special pregnancy program is beautiful.


As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I got myself a new journal and started writing. I loved writing to my baby, but you can also write for yourself. It's your journey, your journal.