My Reiki treatments are back

I’m so excited to be offering Reiki in Oslo again. While I was navigating life with a young child and a yoga business, I decided to not take on any new Reiki and coaching clients for a little while. Now I have more space in my head and my calendar again, I’m ready for new Reiki treatments.

What is Reiki?

With its origins in Japan, Reiki is a healing technique that supports mental and physical health. It’s a touch-based technique: the practitioner places his or her hands on your body (you’re wearing clothes) and by doing this at specific areas, your body’s energy starts changing. It’s used for stress reduction, trauma healing, healing of physical ailments, getting back in touch with your body, and so much more.

My own experience with Reiki

The first time I received Reiki treatment, was when I was 19 years old, and going through an eating disorder. My mom knew a Reiki master and she thought I had to go see her. So I went. Full of hesitation, I struggled through a massive storm, on my bike, to go see this woman. Her treatment room was warm and cozy, it smelled like a spa, and there was soft music that I had never heard before. It felt good to just lay there for a minute, in that warm room, with all my clothes on. The woman was so sweet and kind, I felt I just had to listen to what she told me instead of refusing help.

When she started laying her hands on my head, it was like fireworks went off. My head felt like it was about to explode. There was suddenly so much energy, so much heat, so much tingling, that I wanted to push her hands away. But somehow that wasn’t even an option. I just lay there, while she made fireworks in my head, and all I could do was receive what felt like was her energy.

As she places her hands on other parts of my body, the energy changed and wasn’t so intense anymore. I kept wondering though, why did she put so much energy in my head and not in my legs, for example?

After the session, she explained to me that she felt that I was so stuck in my head, that there was very little energy left for other parts of my body. Only then I realized that she didn’t put energy in my head, she just showed me that all my energy, all my fire, was in my head. There’s was no energy left for my legs, or my digestion, or my hands. She helped me break that cycle. She brought the energy back down to my core, to my toes, to my fingertips. Everywhere. That’s when I learned what Reiki can do.

Is Reiki for you?

Short answer? Yes. Long answer? Yes, Reiki is for you. Reiki is for all people. It’s a beautiful tool for if you’re stressed or anxious, it’s beautiful if you’re pregnant, or when you just had a baby. It’s beautiful when you feel out of balance, or insecure. It’s beautiful when you’re overwhelmed, or sad, or if you’re going through trauma - no matter if it’s physical, mental or both.

I’m here to help you come back into your body, and feel calmer in your mind. Get in touch if you want to learn more.