Sanga Yoga has moved!

Only six months after we started Sanga Yoga, we decided it was time for a chance: we needed a new home for our studio.

Our first location was great: it was smack in the heart of the city. However, we grew out of it quickly. Our classes were always full and we wanted to grow, but there was no space for that. That’s why we started looking for new options, but it wasn’t that easy.

Until my former boss connected me with the owner of Bekken & Barn, a clinic with specialists in the field of women’s health. Too good to be true, right? Nope! We emailed, we talked, and then we signed, and now we teach our classes at their beautiful loft.

My postnatal yoga classes started last Wednesday (next course coming up in October) and prenatal yoga starts in two weeks (we have a few spots!) and we have lots of exciting workshops and deepening classes coming up. Go check it out!