Sanga Yoga is here

Mamas! I am SO SO SO excited! Sanga Yoga is born! Me and my yoga partner Theresa have been working on this baby for months and now she’s here! Sanga Yoga is the space for prenatal yoga and mother-baby yoga in Oslo. Come join us!

Sanga Yoga is where women come together. It’s a sanctuary for pregnant women, mothers and their babies, and those trying to conceive. We offer weekly yoga classes, evening circles, and day retreats, as well as private classes and coaching in Oslo, Norway.

The Sanga is where we come home. Where we share and heal, and where we can just be. It’s where we find flow and balance, where we practice self-care in the broadest sense of the word, and where we are all one - no matter if you are pregnant, if you have children or if you have a deep desire to become a mother.

I’m so proud of our classes. They are just SO beautiful. We currently offer prenatal yoga and mother baby yoga in Oslo, and are adding more classes as we go.

Head over to our Facebook Page to sign up for our upcoming classes. See you on the mat!