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What I've learned from teaching postnatal yoga

If there’s one thing that made me grow tremendously as a yoga teacher, it’s teaching postnatal yoga. Teaching yoga to a group of mamas and their babies is so incredibly special and beautiful, but it’s also completely different from teaching a “normal” hatha or vinyasa yoga class. In this article I’d like to share more about what I’ve learned from teaching mother baby yoga in Oslo.

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Practicing to accept

I thought I was prepared for everything. I read the books, I watched videos, I talked to friends. After three years of infertility and a rough pregnancy with eight months of nausea, I was so ready and excited to give birth. I couldn’t wait to have that intense experience of birthing my baby. I looked forward to contractions, I looked forward to pushing, I looked so so so forward to having my baby land on my chest. Wet, sticky, warm.

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