Things I'm currently loving

Because LOVE is all and GRATITUDE is often the way for me, I’m focusing on the things I love today. There are the things I’m currently loving.

Favorite Airbnb

We stayed at a lovely little house in a Spanish surf town called Loredo and it had the cutest backyard where we played outside all day.

Favorite inspirational YouTube video

Soon I’ll be working with this woman and I think you should watch her TEDx talk if you have 17 minutes to spare.

Favorite rituals

Thanks you the dear Kelsi and her amazing newsletter, I found new inspiration for morning rituals. I like changing up my practice every now and then, and this article from Danielle Laporte offers so much inspiration.

Favorite essential oils

I usually pick one specific oil for this article series, but today I needed two blends: Peace and Elevation. They helped me through a few dark days and are amazing for going through processes that are related to acceptance.

Favorite study moment

I’m super excited about the EO Hormone Summit that’s coming up. Held October 22-26, this free online event is a-ma-zing! Doctors, yoga teachers and many other experts will share their knowledge about essential oils and hormone health with you. Are you joining?

Favorite read

I really hope you find some time to read this super important article on postpartum rage on Motherly. It’s the “anger that is so intense it feels like it shouldn’t even be called just “anger.” The kind that sneaks up on you and before you know it, you are exploding.” Sounds familiar?

Favorite moment

I was walking with the baby in the stroller, sound asleep, when I realized that I was home. We were in this tiny surf town in Spain, far away from our real home, but it just felt so good. It was quiet, the sun was out but it wasn’t too hot yet, and it was right there when I realized that I didn’t have to change anything. It was all good.