Things that inspired me this week

In this series, I'll share the highlights of my week. Podcasts, articles, videos, Insta posts: anything. Join me and read all about the things that inspired me this week.

Podcast: One Sacred Pause

This was definitely the best thing I listened to this week: One Sacred Pause. This podcast, created by Jessica Winderl, is all about yoga and meditation in the Nordics. I've listened to the first three episodes now and can't wait for the next ones. 

Activity: Day trip to Drøbak

My parents came to Norway for a few days and it was the best thing. They helped me so much and I felt like I was on holiday. I had my nails done, I cleaned the apartment (since when started cleaning feeling like a holiday?) and we went on a day trip to the lovely town of Drøbak. This is a 90-minute ferry ride away from Oslo and we all had such a great time. 

Day trip to Drøbak


Emotions: The danger of over-spiritualizing

I'm so happy that Gabby Bernstein put this article online: Are you over-spiritualizing? I won't say too much about it, because I really hope you'll read the full article, but it's all about honoring your real feelings and dealing with them.

Oil: Copaiba

All the love for this oil. I wrote a love note on Copaiba on my Instagram.


Food: Jackfruit tacos by the Minimalist Baker

When I finally found jackfruit here in Oslo, I knew it was time to make these spicy jackfruit tacos. They are so so so good!

Yoga: Chaturanga alternatives

Ever since my baby was born and I started breastfeeding, Chaturanga has been a no-go for me. The pose doesn't feel right and I'm always looking for good alternatives. This article by Garrett Neill is super inspiring.

Book: Prayers of Honoring Voice

This book by Pixie Lighthorse has the most beautiful prayers for all kinds of different times and moments. A must-read and must-re-read.

Travel: The Bucket List Family in India

Every Sunday, I watch The Bucket List Family on YouTube. Last week, they were in India. Needless to say that I loved it.