Things that inspired me this week

With only two weeks left in our current home, I'm getting so excited about the upcoming adventure. This week was about letting go of things, about sleep coaching our baby, and the first rainy days in Oslo. Here's what I've been loving this week.


I've been loving The Doctor's Farmacy from Mark Hyman. I only discovered it recently and I especially loved the episode with Marie Forleo on how to create a life you love.


My practice was a really important activity for me this week. I realized I can practice anywhere, anytime. I came back to my The Wild Unknown deck and it's been so sweet and good. 

Oil: Sandalwood

An oil that is very dear to me, as it always brings me back to India, is Sandalwood. I don't use it very often, because I want to keep it sacred and special, but this week I pulled it out when the baby was asleep and it was just me and my mat. 

Food: Chickpea flour pancakes

We use these pancakes for breakfast, lunch AND dinner, because they're just so delicious and so versatile. I started with this recipe from Oh She Glows and keep on adding new toppings. So good!

Family: Sleep coaching

Last week, on Sunday, we changed our bedtime routine. On Wednesday, I stopped nursing in the middle of the night. Today, just a week later, I'm so excited that he sleeps from 7 PM until 7 AM without nursing or waking up. We took a super gently approach and I just worked. I'll share our sleep coaching experience here soon.

Yoga: Satu Tuomela 

My dear friend and partner in crime Theresa introduced me to the teachings of Satu Tuomela and I couldn't be more grateful for this introduction. What she shares with the world resonates so much with how I see yoga, the body and our minds, and I'm so excited about joining her pregnancy yoga course.