Traveling in the Third Trimester of Pregnancy

Besides teaching yoga and doing health coaching, I also run a travel blog. What started as a way to document our one-year world trip, is now one of the most successful Dutch travel blogs out there and I still love writing about all our travels. I recently did a couple of articles on traveling with a baby in my belly, so I thought I'd share the latest one, about traveling in the third trimester of pregnancy, with you today.

My husband and I went to Portugal and Spain for our babymoon. A three-week trip (week 28-31 of my pregnancy) that took us from the south and west coast of Portugal, all the way to Spain. We rented a car, stayed in different hotels and Airbnb places and had a wonderful, relaxing holiday. I read books, got a manicure and walked along the shore, while my husband was out surfing. It was bliss, especially because I followed these tips.

traveling third trimester pregnancy



Now I'm pregnant I'm so hot, all the time, so I could definitely not sit in the sun for longer than a few minutes. That's why we bought a little umbrella, so I could put it up on the beach while my husband was out surfing. It was perfect for reading, napping, and people-watching, and I highly recommend getting one for your summer trip.


I slept in every single day and made sleep definitely a priority. I also borrowed extra pillows when we were staying in hotels because I didn't bring my pregnancy/ nursing pillow. This made sleeping very comfortable. I also took a lot of naps and that felt like such a luxury.


I'm always very careful with my skin and especially now I'm pregnant I tan super fast. I love using good, clean products (without all the nasty chemicals), so I was happy I found this Badger sunscreen for our trip.

Belly support belt

We walked quite a lot and my round ligament pain got worse and worse, so I decided to visit a local pharmacy and ask for advice. The friendly woman gave me a support belt to wear during the day and it made such a difference. 

Short drives

Sitting in the car is not the most comfortable thing when you're pregnant, so we decided to drive for a maximum for three hours per day on the days that we were visiting a new place. Portugal isn't a huge country, so that was very doable and made the trip very pleasant for me.

Accepting help

Accepting help has never been easy for me, but now I'm pregnant I gladly say yes when people let me go first in a public bathroom. Some people even let me go first when we were grocery shopping (and the line wasn't even that long) and I also found special parking for pregnant women. Win!

parking for pregnant ladies


I highly recommend going on a babymoon in your third or second trimester. Take it easy, go on dates with the husband and soak up that beautiful time before the baby arrives. <3