Upcoming changes and how to stay grounded

With only three weeks left in our current apartment, I feel the need to share a bit more about the journey we are on and I how I stay grounded.

When we moved to Oslo, about 6 years ago, we decided to rent a furnished apartment since we had sold all our furniture the year before to travel the world. We weren't sure about how long we would stay in Norway, so a temporary solution sounded great. Eight months later, we were still madly in love with Oslo, so we decided to find a rental in the neighborhood we loved so much, Grünerløkka, got ourselves some second-hand furniture and even bought a blender, a juicer, and a food processor. We stayed there for three years, then moved to our current rental apartment and then: we bought our own apartment.

A new home

This apartment is brand new, so we had to wait for over two years before we can finally move in, this November. Before we do this very grown-up thing though, we will hit the road for an adventure with our little family. My husband will have two months of paternity leave and instead of staying in Oslo, we decided to go traveling.

We're currently packing up our things, giving things away and getting ready for the trip. I actually really enjoy moving and don't find it daunting at all, so I'm not nervous or stressed about it.

Where to?

We'll spend the full two months in Spain and Portugal. We've rented cute Airbnbs and a couple of small hotels. We'll mainly stay close to Zarautz in Spain and in Ericeira in Portugal. These towns have all we need: waves, yoga studios, veggie food and good vibes. Some of our family and friends will visit us, and I feel so blesses that we get to share this adventure with the people we love.



Will I take time off?

Yes and no. I will take a break from teaching yoga and my Reiki sessions, but will continue coaching. I actually have time for two new clients, because I will actually have more time for coaching when we are on the road since my husband will be there to be with our son. I will also take another yoga teacher training while I'm there, in addition to all the family time we will have together.

How I stay grounded in times of change

Although the actual move is easy for me, I do feel that things around me are shifting and changing, and that so much is happening. We're leaving the home where I spent my pregnancy (mostly in bed and on the couch thanks to Hyperemesis), where we brought our baby home and where our son spent the first year of his life. I even get a little sad when I realize that I can't explain to him that we won't come back to this place, because he is still so young. I am, however, so proud that we can give him this beautiful experience of traveling together and moving into a brand new home with lots of space and light.

For the past week, I've turned packing and tidying into little rituals to help me stay grounded and at peace. I put a few drops of essential oils in the diffuser (I'm currently diffusing Sandalwood, but recently did an article on other favorites for those of you who are interested in oils), I make myself a golden milk or grab a kombucha, I play soft music or a podcast, and I express gratitude for the things we bring to our new place and the things we say goodbye to.

These evenings are so precious to me and I'm so happy I've decided to take a bit more time for packing and organizing than I did with our other moves. Every night, I go to bed feeling grateful instead of stressed, calm instead of nervous, grounded instead of ungrounded.