thank you
Yin yoga with Claudia feels like being on a sky made of cotton. All wrapped in calming words, safe guidance and healthy inspiration. Recommended for sure!
I enjoyed the small classes, with focus both on the mamas as well as the babies. You really helped me focus on my own body after birth. My muscles and body have been so inflexible/stiff after birth, and your classes really helped me soften up a bit and relax more. Great classes!
— Mari Ringnes Nordgård
I always thought that yoga wasn’t for me, because I prefer a rather hard workout and getting sweaty instead. But when I got pregnant I started to have problems with my back. Now I have quite a big baby boy, which is a challenge for my body. Then I decided to try something new. From the first class, I felt surprisingly good. The tension in my back and the tight muscles went away, and I felt more relaxed. I enjoyed spending time with my baby and doing something for myself at the same time. I highly recommend yoga led by Claudia. :)
I took Claudia’s baby yoga class with my then 4/5-month-old baby girl. The class was always a highlight of our week. My baby was always so relaxed as much as I became by the end of the class.
— Tita Alissa Bach
The mamma/baby yoga class with Claudia was one of the most fun activities I did with my baby during mamma perm. Claudia is a fantastic yoga instructor and she is super caring and playful with the little ones. The babies enjoy watching you and the other babies make funny movements and you get a little time to relax and get back in tune with your body.
— Laura Roche