Corporate Yoga


Yoga at work, for happier and healthier employees. A 60 minute class for all levels, adaptable to the needs of your employees. Before work, during lunch break or after work hours.


Private Yoga


Yoga in the comfort of your home. For all levels, including pregnant women and those of you with injuries. I offer different styles – from energizing flow to calming yin yoga - always adapted to your needs.


Studio Classes

6-week courses

Mother/baby yoga and beginner yoga at Grendehuset Oslo.


Yoga for your Event

60 MINUTES 1000 NOK 

Are you hosting a party or event? I offer yoga classes (from basic beginner classes to more advanced classes) for your event! 




For reservations or information:

Please contact me and tell me what you're looking for. Together we'll create a program that works best for your needs.